Tattoo pen DS Harmony

Separate tattoo pen for permanent makeup DS Harmony without a source.

Easy to use, design kit for PMU artists. The device is intended for comfortable work during all-day use, the pen is anatomically shaped for a very comfortable grip, matte non-slip surface treatment, ideal weight. Both the pen and the source are compatible with most similar devices on the market. Easy click system - simple insertion of the cartridge by turning is the most proven system, possible use with common cartridges at affordable prices. The pen has a quiet operation, very gentle vibrations, adjustable strength for delicate skin as well as for harder parts. Especially suitable for PMU eyeliners, shaded eyeliner and lips. In the case of eyebrows, it renders hairs extremely cleanly with the hairstrokes method, a light powder effect with the powder brows method, and ideal strength when covering older PMUs, when removing PMUs with suitable fluids intended for tattoo removal. The advantage is the possibility to choose the so-called dot work - dotting technique, which is adjustable on the source. Dotted technique is suitable for powdered eyebrows as well as for hairstrokes technique. 

960.00 €